Pain after total gastrectomy for carcinoma stomach?

Very controllable. The pain usually relates to the incision. These types of incisions are usually treated with IV narcotic pain medications. I typically use a patient controlled analgesia (pca) system which means that the patient has a button that controls when doses are given. There are built in safety mechanisms to make sure too much narcotic is not delivered.

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Abdominal swelling after total gastrectomy?

Depends. It depends how long after gastrectomy. If the swelling happens a few days later, it can be due to infection or bleeding. If it's just mild swelling, sometime it is just due to bloated intestines. If the gastrectomy was several weeks or months ago, the considerations include ascites (abdominal fluid), a hernia, versus tumor regrowth. Talk with your surgeon to learn more.

I'm a very active 31yr male I had a total gastrectomy 2yr ago due too a burst stomach ulcer, im on 12 wk B12 jabs I don't feel it's enough, r 4wkly safe?

Yes, is enough. After total gastrectomy, B12 is not absorbed by mouth, has to be given by injection, liver will store it for months, you doctor is monitoring you blood B12 levels, every 12 wks is fine. If you take every 4 wks excess is eliminated from body with any harm.

What type of doctor do I need to see? I've had a total gastrectomy r/t a rare cancer and I've developed many new symptoms over the last year. I've consulted my primary care doctor, my oncologist, my GI specialist, a rheumatologist and despite my obvious

Always. Always keep in touch with your primary care physician. It is very good that you have decided to see a medical toxicologist. Without knowledge of your symptoms, it is difficult to make a recommendation, however I would highly recommend seeing a physician at an academic, research based medical center. Many of the university based hospitals are academic and research based. Best of luck.