Does topicort LP cream treat lupus?

Only discoid SLE. Not used to treat systemic sle, but cutaneous le, otherwise called discoid lupus. Whether you have sle or the discoid variety, you should also be on plaquenyl.

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Does topicort LP cream work on lupus?

Topicort in lupus. Topical corticosteroids such as topicort have very little effectiveness in lupus involving the skin. This form of lupus often needs either injections of steroid directly into the spots or internal treatments with medications such as Hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil). Read more...

Does topicort LP cream work for discoid lupus?

Pretty good. Your physician may eventually add systemic Chloroquine or some other drug, and/or a topical agent such as tacrolimus. Discoid lupus can be a major nuisance and i hope that you are able to get a good result. Read more...