Skin biopsy take sample from foot or hip?

Depends. Usually skin biopsy is taken from the site of the lesion. If the biopsy is for a systemic disorder like lupus, then it may not matter where it is taken from. Neither foot nor hip are usual sites for biopsy, unless the lesion happens to be there.

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I have very light tingling in both of my feet bilaterally. Usually occurs more in the evening. Skin biopsy for neuropathy negative. Dangerous?

Other nerve testing? Neuropathy at your age would be uncommon. Have you had an EMG and nerve conduction study? I would assume so since you have had a nerve biopsy. If not, then it may be useful in the diagnosis. Many neuropathies have unknown causes. The greatest concern is the pain and associated weakness that can develop. Discuss with your doc. Read more...