I have been to ENT for a retracted ear drum. Been happening on and off since April 2014. Had a hearing test that was normal. Tried loratadine, sudafed, Flonase, and Allegra. Now loud noises hurt as well as breathing in deep. When he scoped my nasal passag

Avoid antihistamines. Limited info from your comment... but drying the mucosa with antihistamines can thicken secretions and block the eustachian tube. This makes it more difficult to clear your ears. Consider irrigating your nasal passages with warm saline rinse and performing ear clearing maneuvers such as found at http://www.digplanet.com/wiki/Ear_clearing Thick fluid in the middle ear may need a simple operation.
Mgt. For your hearing change, a hearing test may provide more information. If you are having pain while breathing in, there could be an association with allergic asthma, pleural inflammation or an infection. A virtual appt is available online: healthtap,com/DosanjhMD code: NCYHPZ.
The question is. you are under the care of specialist ENT so you have the best advice and after reading your statement i did not see a question ask your ENT.