I would like to quit smoking can someone tell me a tobacco cessation app?

SmokefreeTXT. Get some help with text to quit at: http://smokefree. Gov/smokefreetxt/default. Aspx can also get free, no nag help through 1-800-quit-now.
Call your closer Lun. American lung association chapters usualy have smoking cessation clinics, also medical centers or even specialize clinics.

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I would like to quit smoking can someone tell me a tobacco cessation program?

Mutual support helps. You might want to attend a meeting of nicotine anonymous.
1-800-QUIT NOW. Free telephone coaching to help you quit tobacco. Excellent professionals available, will not nag you, and might have more assistance available depending on where you live. Give them a buzz!

I would like to quit smoking can someone find me a tobacco cessation app?

WELL, THE MOST. Important app is in your brain. Nothing's going to help you quit until you "download" the one in your brain that activates your will power and common sense. After that, you got 90% of the chore done.

Hoping you can tell me, is tobacco-free and nicotine-free e-cigarette safe to quit smoking with?

Yes. What ever helps. U save money and improve health status.
Not nicotine free. E-cigarettes are not nicotine free ; not advised to quit. They are not regulated, we don't know much about the levels of nicotine and other chemicals, and there's no research showing they help smokers quit. More info found at http://smokefree. Gov/e-cigarettes the best ways to quit are to use coaching and approved treatments such as nicotine patch, gum or lozenge or prescription medications.

Is the only way to quit smoking to keep trying? I've managed to succesfully quit rubbing tobacco after a number of tries but have yet to quit the fags

Try a nicotine agoni. Nicotine replacement does work and is quite safe. The tobacco itself is where the real medical problems reside. I like your plan to keep at it.
Talk to your doctor. Talk to your doctor about your options to help you quit smoking. There is the patch, gum, Chantix, Wellbutrin, (bupropion) e-cigarettes and recently a product called "Vape". Hypnotherapy, group therapy, and acupuncture are also available. Consider seeing a psychologist. Sometimes people have to get creative to devise a strategy to quit. It may require a combination of approaches. Best wishes!
Mgt. I would also suggest checking with your local chapter of the American Lung Association, and joining a support group to really try to avoid all forms of cigarettes. Smoking can have long term consequences, so its great that you are trying to quit.

If I quit smoking yesterday can I Pass a nicotine /tobacco test the 28th of april?

YES, Congratulations. If you were smoking 1 to 5 cig. Per day it will be easy for you to stay away from smoking. However if you were smoking more than 1/2 ppd, you will get Nicotine withdrawal and Temptation to smoke. You need to work on the behavior modification. First 2 weeks are the hardest. But keep your mouth occupied/ use sugarless gum. Good Job. Stay away from Tobacco!
50/50 chance. Urine drug screens for the major metabolite of nicotine (cotinine) are used primarily by potential employers and health and life insurance companies to assess your health risks. The average smoker will continue to excrete cotinine in their urine for at least 2-3 weeks after stopping. If you're asked, you should acknowledge that you recently quit smoking. Otherwise, you may be caught in a lie.

I've been using dip tobacco for the past week and a half so I could quit smoking. I see cuts on my cheeks gums. Just wondering if it will heal?

Stop Tobacco. Using an addictive substance to quit the same substance is the definition of insane. Right? It is like the alcoholic who stops vodka by drinking wine. If you stop the tobacco your sores will heal.
Thanks for asking! I'm glad you are trying to quit smoking but, chewing tobacco can have very bad health problems in your mouth. If you continue, you really should have your dentist, dermatologist or primary care physician check this area at least once a year for any changes in the mouth. Many times they can be red or white and even lace looking in the mouth. All of which, you should be examined.
Not if it is cancer. Chewing tobacco leads to the worst head and neck cancers I have ever dealt with. You have a nicotine addiction and have found exactly the wrong way to try to get off cigarettes. Get off the chaw and see a doctor. You have to want to quit, period. You are trading lung cancer for oral cancer. Dumb choice.
It should.. .. After you stop dipping. From one dangerous habit to another, both are known to cause cancer.
STOP!!! Stop using tobacco. It is clearly showing you the risks it represents. Take this a serious message to stop using all forms of tobacco. Try using nicorette (nicotine gum) while trying to quit.
Quitting smoking. I am glad that you are consciously making the effort to stop smoking, however displacing one addictive tobacco habit for another is not the way. The irritation will heal with the cessation of use. Smoking cessation often requires a few approaches often simultaneously depending on how significant your addiction is. I am merely listing here... Zyban, (bupropion) nicotine gum/patch, e-cigarettes, hypnotherapy.

I quit smoking cold turkey but im trying to quit chewing tobacco just can't seem to any tricks suggestions or thoughts on how to?

Break habits. The best way to do it is to find out when you do it the most and try to change those habits. If you can't do that you will continue to fall back into the same patterns. There are also non-tobacco chew products that may be able to help you. Good luck.

If you used spit tobacco to quit smoking, then how do you then get off the snuff?

Mutual support helps. You might want to attend a meeting of nicotine anonymous.
Replacement First. Congratulations on ceasing smoking. Many try using snuff to stop smoking, then your question becomes an issue. Here are some ideas: wait as long as possible to put in the snuff, each time should get longer. Try something else, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, peanuts, gum, etc. Eventually if you both options above, you should be able to beat the addiction, both physiologically and psychologically.