Is tilade (nedocromil) asthma medication?

Yes... Tilade (nedocromil) is an asthma medication, especially effective for asthmatics with allergic triggers.
Yes. Tilade, (nedocromil) or nedocramil, is an older generation asthma medication that is of a class called mast cell stabilizers. I don't believe that it is still available in the us.

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Whats tilade (nedocromil) asthma medication?

Nedocromil. Tilade (nedocromil) is the brand name for inhaled Nedocromil which was used to treat asthma but as it was less effective than inhaled corticosteroids, e.g. Flovent, asmanex, qvar, etc. It's popularity fell and it stopped being sold in the us in june 2010. Read more...