When should I go for thyroid hormone blood test if ttc?

Now. Before ttc, you should have a thyroid test to make sure there is no thyroid problem. If there is, you would want to treat it to improve your chance of conceiving.

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Blood test shows my immune system is attacking the thyroid hormone, st this point the thyroid is shown to be unharmed. Can this be permanently cured?

Endocrinologist. You have what is called autoimmune thyroid disease. You need to be evaluated by an endocrinologist, who specializes in hormonal diseases, to better understand your diagnosis and determine if therapy is warranted.
No cure, treatable. Sounds like you might have elevated tpo antibodies, which suggest you would have a higher than average risk of decreasing thyroid function over time- but not all ppl with elevated tpo will develop thyroid prob that needs treatment. Just check TSH annually, or earlier if u develop symptoms. (unless u mean high tsi/trab antibodies, then thyroid over function).

They did a t3. Blood test on me and my thyroid hormone came out 0.914. .... Is that bad. ...????? I feel tired. ... Lazy... Gain weight

Thyroid. The usual tests done for thyroid are TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) and T4 -thyroid hormone, T3 is the active form but is checked less frequently.. If the 0.914 is T4 it is low (labs differ on the range) but you need TSH as well, if TSH is high you likely would need thyroid hormone replacement which many people are on. F/u /w/ endocrinologist.

Does blood test for thyroid function show hormone irregularities?

Only thyroid. If the only hormone measured was thyroid, then that is the only hormone abnormality that would be detected.

I did ultrasound on cd2 it showed that I have 4 cyst on my left ovary. But hormone blood test are all normal no thyroid what is the cause of it?

May be normal. Ovarian cysts are part of the menstrual cycle during reproductive years of a woman. Please consult this site for more information and consult your doctor. Http://women. Webmd. Com/guide/ovarian-cysts.

F 35- had every blood test listed in here (thyroid, iron, hormones, all vitamins) done for hair loss. Derm. Says all normal. What should be next step?

Adapt to this. You probably have either telegen effluvium which will self cure or alopecia areata for which your choices are a wig, a ball cap, or simply going out as you are. Many people, both men and women, will find the latter choice exotic and fascinating, especially if you are physically fit and have good interpersonal skills. Best wishes.