Burning sensation forearms and inner elbow, Headache on and off. Dizziness that lasted several hrs. Went to Er normal ecg, blood work, blood pressure.?

Nerve. At 31 with normal work up this is unlikely heart. You seem to have symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Could be some type of pressure on nerve at neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist. If problem persists might be helpful to see neurologist.

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33 yr old female. Had dizzy spells yesterday saw Dr. BP 80/60. Did blood work and ECG today. Tonight Right arm tingles & feel numb. .. Normal?

Hypotension. regardless of how petite you are your blood pressure is quite low. This very likely is the cause of your dizziness. Treatment is increase fluids and liberalize salt in your diet. Fluids 1st we all get plenty of salt in a western diet! If you are otherwise feeling well with normal exercise tolerance the right arm tingling may be unrelated. If your Ekg is abnormal you will be getting follow testing. Read more...

I have foot weakness, numbness & tingling, leg pain & burning sensation, lower back pain, hurts to turn or bend, arm numbness & tingling, left pinky & right fist weakness, neck pain w/ stiffness back of headache, Nausea, Dizziness, Eye Pain, Flushed?

Could be neurologic. You will need to have an evaluation to clarify exact cause of these symptoms. This sounds like it could be a neurological problem, but there maybe other things that you need to consider. This is something you need to discuss with your physician and possibly see a neurologist . Read more...