Should I get tested for multiple sclerosis? I have foot drop sometimes.

See answer below. Foot drop may occur due to injury of a nerve root or peripheral nerve. It also can occur due to injury of central nervous system pathways (brain and spinal cord), but usually has specific abnormalities in addition which can be identified on examination. Certain diagnostic studies can be ordered based on your exam findings to better define the cause of foot drop.
See neurologist. You need to find out why you have a foot drop, as could be due to lumbar disc compression over L-5 nerve root, a problem in peroneal nerve, or perhaps a spinal cord issue. Although MS can cause foot drop as part of the picture in some pts, this needs further assessment until that diagnosis can be confirmed.
Not necessarily. There are many different ailments that will lead to a foot drop. You need to get evaluated by a physician who will work-up the problem to give you a hopefully correct diagnosis and provide adequate treatment.

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I have footdrop and I have multiple sclerosis how can I heal my foot?

Foot drop. This is a complication of multiple sclerosis. You need to consult with your doctor concerning diagnosis and treatment. Read more...
Advice. First, make sure that the MS is the sole cause, and this is not due to problems in the periphery such as peroneal nerve or lumbar disc compression. Steroids or Acthar may assist if this is due to a relapse. Rehabilitation with physical therapy, an AFO splint, and exercise may be restorative. Do make certain that you have sufficient vitamins, such as D and B. Definitely, discuss this with MD. Read more...