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Does a thyroid ultrasound test for hyper or hypothyroidism?

Neither. A thyroid u/s tests for the texture and appearance of the gland. It can tell you if you have a growth on it or not. Sometimes an u/s can suggest hyper by the amount of blood flow going though it but it's not always accurate/reliable. I wouldn't use a thyroid u/s to test for hyper or hypo function. You need a blood test for that.
No. Ultrasound looks at structure. Blood test tells you function.

Thyroid ultrasound results showed hyperthyroidism but blood tests came back saying hypothyroidism TSH 11.4 antibodies teat also came back high?

Size v function. The ultrasound can only tell you the anatomy of the thyroid whereas the blood tests tell you how it functions. In your case, you have low thyroid function and probably an enlarged thyroid.

Does a thyroid ultrasound test for hypo and hyperthyroidism?

Not reliable. It can give you some clues about hypo or hyper but it cannot tell you for sure about thyroid function. The only test to do that is the blood test.
No. The thyroid ultrasound is not a good test to look for hypo or hyperthyroidism, but it can give information about why a person is hypothyroid or hyperthyroid. Hyperthyroidism can be due to 1) graves' disease, which often has an enlarged thyroid with increased blood flow, or a 'toxic' nodule. Hypothyroidism is often due to hashimoto's thyroiditis, with a mottled, or 'heterogenous' appearance.
Thyroid ultrasound. Thyroid ultrasound is done when there is enlargement of thyroid gland, or goiter. Goiter may be accompanied with hypothyroid or hyperthyroid condition and thyroid adenoma or nodule.

I have two vague hypoechoic solid appearing nodules (1- 6*7*4 mm) & (11*9*8 mm) within the right lobe in thyroid (ultrasound test). Any risk, please.

See endocrinologist. Most nodules of the thyroid are benign, but thyroid cancers certainly do occur. We consider biopsy of a nodule that is larger than 10 mm, but other factors like your thyroid function, family history, radiation exposure, will influence that decision. You should see an endocrinologist for a full opinion.

Does a thyroid ultrasound tell if you have hypothyroidism?

No. The best test for hypothyroidism is a blood test. Start with a TSH level.
Ultrasound. No -- only lab tests do that. Ultrasound can show inflammation or enlargement or nodules often associated with thyroid dysfunction but not causative of it.

Is it possible to suffer from hypothyroidism with a TSH within normal range. My TSH is 1.1, but I had a thyroid ultrasound and have a 0.5 cm mass?

Technically....... but it would be highly unlikely. If the brain doesnt put out enough TSH, the level of that is low to normal and the other hormones are quite low (thyroid NOT stimulated by TSH). the mass is perhaps NOT related because they are pretty common anyway.

An ultrasound of my thyroid showed enlargement and cysts on both sides, I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism but my blood tests were normal?

No surprise. Symtoms of hypothyroidism are nonspecific, with normal T4 T3 (liothyronine) TSH ruling out thyroid as cause. Look for another cause for your symptoms. Nodules are extremely common and if the imaging is not concerning for cancer, you should relax. Nodules do not cause hypothyroidism. Stay proactive and good luck.