Is it safe to have sex in the third trimester?

Yes. As long as you are not at risk for bleeding, premature labor, or other risks, patients can have sex until delivery.
Yes. In the absence of complications (bleeding, preterm labor, etc) sex is ok. If you are concerned, bring it up at your next appointment.
Yes. In a normal pregnancy with no identified complications, it is typically safe to have sexual intercourse until the onset of labor. If any high risk pregnancy conditions are present such as preterm labor or placenta previa, history of cervical insufficiency with cerclage, or unexplained vaginal bleeding, intercourse should be avoided.
Yes. It is safe to have sex throughout pregnancy unless you have been diagnosed with certain complications of pregnancy. Placenta previa or preterm labor would be examples where your doctor would tell you to avoid intercourse.

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Is it safe to have sex when I am in the third trimester?

Yes. For the most part, it is safe. However, there are certain things to be mindful of. If your doctor has told you not to have intercourse because of the position of your placenta, ie, placenta previa, then it is not safe. The other thing to be careful about is that sex can stir up contractions, so even though you may be in your third trimester, it can sometimes cause you to go into preterm labor. Read more...

Is it dangerous for me to have sex in the third trimester?

Usually not, but.... It depends on your comfort, how vigorous the activity is, and whether you have interest, rather than feeling you must! Read more...