Fasting blood test showed am having TSH level 8.5 and am having Thyronorm 50 mcg. 1cm cyst in left overy. Under Chrominac A tablets.

Hypothyroidism. The TSH is high indicating that you need a higher dose of thyroid replacement. Chrominac A is a supplement frequently used for treatment of PCOS. The 1 cm. cyst on the left ovary may be a normal functional cyst such as eggs grow in or could be associated with PCOS. I'm not sure what your question was but I hope this answers it.
Several problems. I am not sure all of these problems are related. First, your TSH is still slightly high which means you need more thyroid medication. You still have slightly low thyroid. The 1 cm cyst on ovary is probably not worrisome and often will resolve but you need follow up exams to monitor this to make sure it goes away. Chrominac A has been used for polycystic ovary disease. Do you have?See your doctor.

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Am putting on weight and a blood test showed serum TSH 8.5 (fasting). Now started thyroxine 50 mcg. One cyst in left left overy. Can I get pragnant?

Thyroid. Yes you can get pregnant if you so desire. 50 mcg thyroxine may or may not be enough for you. Please have your doctor check your thyroid levels. Dose change may be needed. Read more...
Yes. Hypothyroidism does make it harder to get pregnant but once your dosage has been adjusted and the hypothyroidism has been corrected you should be able to conceive. Your thyroid will have to be closely followed through pregnancy but you both should be fine. Read more...