Are there any test for genital herpes of the mouth?

Viral isolation. None of the serologic tests will convincingly differentiate between herpes types 1 & 2 infections. The only way to definitively do this is to isolate the virus and test it for type.

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Is there a test available that determines whether herpes infection is in the genitals or the mouth without having symptoms? Genital herpes test?

Herpes. There is a blood test that will tell if you have ever been infected with herpes simplex type 1 or type 2 or nigh or neither. If the test is negative it means you are not infected with herpes. If the test is positive it means that you have been infected in the past but it doesn't tell you where because either type can occur in either place.

Can genital herpes be transferred to mouth?

Yes. Genital Herpes can be transferred by contact. Therefore if you have oral sex with someone who has active herpes lesions you can contract the virus in the mouth.

Help please. Could genital herpes cause herpes on the mouth?

Herpes Transmission. Herpes simplex virus (hsv) has two types: type I generally infects the mouth and produces "fever blisters". Type ii more commonly is genital. However, performing oral sex on someone infected with hsv I or ii can result in oral herpes. There are blood tests that can quickly determine if you've been infected with either strain. Antivirals help to reduce shedding and infection.

Is it possible to accidentally spread my genital herpes to my mouth or any other part of my body?

Very unlikely, . .. The odd of auto-inoculation of herpes is almost impossible unless there is a local breakdown of natural barriers like skin or mucosa by scratch & abrasion induced by whatever the act may be. Keeping this in mind will minimize such undesirable extremely rare occurrence. Of course, if any doubt, seek timely attention and counseling for better living down the road.

Genital herpes for 6 years. Is it possible to accidentally spread genital herpes to mouth after that long?

If virus present. Herpes can be spread through genital to mouth contact if the virus is currently shedding regardless of how long the infection has been present in your body. One should avoid contact during an outbreak or when symptoms are present.

If I keep giving my bf oral and he has genital herpes what are my odds of getting it in the oral area, my mouth?

Herpes. It is high if his infection is on his penis. But genital herpes can be found anywhere between the belly button and the thighs. Where is he infected?