Do you have to go to allergy specialist to get tested for food allergies?

Find expertise. The interpretation of blood allergy test requires integration of clinical history and knowledge of recent developments in food allergy research, most importantly the rate, values and indicators of false positives and false negatives of these tests. Each food allergen has a different threshold. General practitioners might have these expertise.
Yes. Food allergy is not diagnosed by food skin testing. Food allergy is initially diagnosed by taking a history and if that history is c/w food allergy reaction then skin testing and /or blood testing is performed to confirm. Testing for food allergy in the absence of a relevant history will result in 40 -60% false positive results.

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Whats more common mild food allergies or anaphylaxis reaction to foods?! never had allergies to food and blood test was neg but doc says specialist?!

Mouth tingling? To have a food allergy you have to have a reaction (hives, wheeze, swelling...) and an elevated blood test. Are you experiencing mouth/throat symptoms with certain foods? Oral allergy syndrome is when you have a cross reaction to a protein from seasonal allergen that the body confuses for a food. Common triggers are apples and peaches. Best to avoid these foods or boil them to prevent symptoms. Read more...