I'm getting my teeth radiographed in 6 days for my braces and I'm scared that my teeth won't go pink before I go there! Any tips to get pink gums? :)

Brush & Floss. Brush thoroughly but gently twice a day for TWO minutes each time. Floss gently between each tooth to remove any debris. That should keep your gums healthy.
Before Ortho. I hope that you have been to a General Dentist recently for a complete dental check-up and cleaning. This is necessary before Orthodontic treatment begins. Your General Dentist or Orthodontist can go over proper oral hygiene techniques to keep your gums healthy and your teeth free of cavities.
Nothing to panic. You can use disclosing solution to check if your teeth are clean. If not, floss, brush and get a professional cleaning by your general dentist.
2 evaluations. If longer than 6 months see your General Dentist for a complete oral examination and professional cleaning. Discuss with your Dentist the appropriate Oral Hygiene techniques to get and keep your teeth cavity free and gums pink/firm/healthy. See an Orthodontic Specialist for your Orthodontic care. No qualified Orthodontist would do treatment until your teeth and gums are healthy.