I have prolonged cough?

See below. It's not possible to give advice without knowing more about your history and without the ability to ask you questions. If you have had a recent cold with runny nose and sore throat, etc, then it's not unusual to have a cough lasting several weeks. But since I don't know the circumstances of your cough I suggest that if you are concerned call or see your physician or schedule a consultation on HT.

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I have prolonged cough please prescribe medicine?

Cough. Prolonged cough should prompt a visit to your doctor , who will take a history and perform an examination to help determine the cause and prescribe appropriate treatment. Read more...

I have prolonged cough for nearly 2 months. Yesterday suddenly I met with bad left chest pain. What could be?

Inflammation. Could be muscle skeletal pain after coughing for several days or pleuritic pain which is an inflammation of the layer surrounding the lung, usually after in infection. I would recommend you to have a chest xr. Read more...