I'm all ready on low carb diet, what else can I do to reduce my blood sugar levels? Is that possible?

Blood sugar. Not only is it possible - it is essential. Two options: 1: Make an appointment to see a dietitian. 2: Go online to "NuVal" and learn more about good eating habits. You may be surprised but happy.

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Type 2 diabetic, no meds, sugars controlled by low-carb diet. 1 hr postprandial blood sugar 6.5, then at 2 hr mark DOWN to 3.5-4. WHY THE LOW DROP?

Diabetic. You are not diabetic, you have diabetes and should work to get rid of diabetes. With appropriate food intake and exercise you should gradually lower your blood sugar level to a point where your diabetes is no more. There are many easy to read articles focussing on blood sugar information. Let me know if you are not working towards no longer having diabetes. Read more...

I am on metformin and a low carb diet. I do a 6 month blood test for my sugar. I feel horrible today. So I tested my sugar it was 270. What should?

See doctor soon . If you are not aware of it, you clearly have diabetes and despite the metformin and low carb diet , it is not controlled at all . Please see your doctor soon to get your medication regimen intensified . If you are indeed feeling horrible, go to an urgent care or er now, as a complicated condition called diabetic ketoacidosis can be life threatening . Good luck. Read more...