Has anyone had a testicular biopsy and found sperm in it?

Yes. It is normal to find sperm in a biopsy of the testis. We sometimes harvest sperm that way. For more info see www. Peedoc. Com. @thepeedoc.

Related Questions

Is a testicular biopsy done to look for sperm?

Yes and No. A testicular biopsy, done in conjunction with ivf / icsi, can be done to look for sperm in different poles of the testicle or different sides. It is also a diagnostic procedure to discover the cause of lack of sperm in the semen or azospermia.

Not producing sperm. Had testicular biopsy, what are the likely causes?

Blockage, Production. Lack of sperm or azospermia can be due to either obstructive causes in the tract, from the testicle to the urethra, or from non-obstructive causes such as primary testicular dysfunction due to infection (mumps), history of surgery / trauma / chemo / radiation, or idiopathic (unknown). The biopsy should guide the next step in therapy as well as a hormonal panel, particularly fsh.

My husband had done a sperm count and it was 0, does he need a testicular biopsy?

Repeat count first. Not right away. If only one sperm count was 0, repeat the test 1-2 months later; make sure it's at a fertility clinic where if there are 'no sperm' they can centrifuge the semen so that even a few sperm will be seen. If 0 sperm again he needs hormonal testing, genetic tests - karyotype and y chromosome microdeletions (ycmd), and see urologist for exam. Certain ycmd mean biopsy should not be done.

My husband had done a sperm count and it was like zero so does he do a testicular biopsy?

See urologist. That depends on the reason or etiology for the azoospermia (i.e. No sperm in ejaculate). An evaluation with a urologist will help determine if an invasive procedure such as a testicular biopsy is warranted.
It depends. A thorough evaluation by a urologist or reproductive endocrinologist may uncover reasons that don't warrant biopsy. We also have tests that can hint at the likelihood of finding sperm on biopsy that may preclude biopsy.

Sperm are non-motile. I am advised to go for testicular biopsy to get the motile ones. Is it helpful?

No. Testis biopsy is recommended when one has no sperm in the semen and the hormones regulating testicular function from the pituitary gland are elevated. This will evaluate for any sperm production and allow one to consider icsi (your sperm) or donor in vitro fertilization.

Partner had testicular biopsy, clamped cord, sperm count prior greater than 10 now it's 0 could clamped cord cause this?

Sperm count. A sperm count of ten is already extremely low, clamping the cord for whatever reason it was done may not have had anything to do with it. What did the biopsy show, that it will give you a better answer.
Testis biopsy. Sounds quite unorthodox? Clamping the spermatic cord (presumably to minimize bleeding) is not advisable under any circumstances, but especially in an infertility assessment.

I have done my testicular biopsy and doctor has freezed my sperm and ask me to do icsi. We have done icsi as well but pregnency not occured please advice?

Need a consultation. You need to review your icsi cycle with your fertility dr to see whether or not it is worth trying again - it depends on how you responded to stimulation including how many eggs were retrieved, how many embryos you had and the embryo quality, and any issues with your uterus or the transfer procedure. Did you have embryos to freeze? You can see another fertility specialist for a second opinion too.

Hubby has low sperm count. Had a testicular biopsy (no sperm) one doctor said lost cause 33% chance ttc. 2nd doctor said testerone patch to increase.

Wrong and Wrong. 2nd doc is way wrong! Any external source of testosterone (t) will suppress his own t production and sperm count will drop. But more information is needed. What is sperm count? What are the hormone levels? T, lh? If t & lh are low, see an endocrinologist for HCG injections. If t is ok, see a urologist specializing in infertility to consider testicular sperm extraction for ivf.