Numbness in thigh and feeling faint and weak twitching feeling in eye?

Thigh numbness. A patch of numbness in the lateral(outside) aspect of the thigh is often due to a pinched nerve around the groin area at times seen in overweight people or people who sit for prolonged periods. However this would be unrelated to your other symptoms. Eye twitching can be due to eye strain or caffeine abuse. A neurologist is best qualified to evaluate you if symptoms persist.

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What might cause faintness, numbness, pain, and lightheaded drowsy and really abnormal feeling only while laying?

Many things. Could be anxiety or medical problems. I suggest you see your family physician. Make sure you ask your family members if they have ever had anything like this. Also does this only happen when you are falling off to sleep or coming out of sleep. If so make note of this. Does your heart skip beats? Start taking your BP first sitting then standing am, noon, 6pn, hs with pulse and axial temp. Keep a log. Read more...