How much would veneers cost to close a gap in front?

Be careful. Please be very careful when "shopping around" for the best price. Make sure your dentist is very qualified to do your veneers. He or she should have photos of their own work to show you similar work they have done. Closing "your gap" involves careful consideration. If it is quite small then you can get away with 2. Most likely you should consider 4 or more. In southern ca expect 1200-2500 ea.
Depends... This really depends on which city or municipality you live in. In manhattan it may cost $3, 000+, while in salisbury, md it may be $1, 750.
Hard to say. If you have a gap that you want to close, you basically have 3 options. Here are some ranges of cost. #1-composite bonding to close space (about $200-$500/tooth). #2. Porcelain veneers ($1000-$2000/tooth). #3 orthodontic repositioning of the teeth ($5000-$8000) for full orthdontics. See your dentist to determine which would be best for you.
It varies. Veneers, when done by an experienced cosmetic dentist, will close most spaces nicely. It generally takes at least 2, but if the space is quite wide, it may take 4 veneers to make it look nice. The fee is not less than $1400 and generally closer to $2, 000 per tooth.
Variable cost. Depends on your provider. I have seen veneers range from about $500-$900 each and if you just want the gap closed you hopefully only need two. Call your dentist and find out.