+ pregnancy test, 4w6d. slight light red watery blood today, little cramping, implantation or miscarriage?

Pregnancy. If the pregnancy test was positive, you are past the implantation stage by at least two weeks. Slight bleeding in early pregnancy is not uncommon. If the bleeding persists or becomes worse, you should consult your doctor. You may repeat the pregnancy test in a week or so ti check on the viability of pregnancy.

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If I am pregnant and had a miscarriage would I be able to buy a pregnancy test to see if that's the reason I have bad cramping and thick fatty blood?

See doctor. You need see doctor if cramping and bleeding with clots continue after you miscarried. Chances are that you may need D&C procedure to stop bleeding and cramping. You may buy pregnancy test test but it does not make any sense after you miscarried. Read more...

Been having heavy bleeding, blood clotting and cramps and did a pregnancy test and it said positive twice, could this be a miscarriage?

Could be. It is likely that you had spontaneous loss of an early pregnancy, which is not uncommon. About 25% of early pregnancies are lost, mostly due to chromosomal defects in the embryo. Usually the only manifestation is a slightly heavy, delayed period. Wish you good health. Practice safe sex. Get HPV vaccine. Read more...