Is tarka (trandolapril and verapamil) a statin drug?

Tarka (trandolapril and verapamil) Tarka (trandolapril and verapamil) is a medication for the treatment of high blood pressure or hypertension. Statin drugs are used to lower cholesterol.

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Husband on tarka (trandolapril and verapamil) and now also benicar/ any danger?

Perhaps. Tarka (trandolapril and verapamil) contains trandolapril (an ace inhibitor) plus verapamil (a calcium channel blocker). Benicar is an arb (angiotensin blocker). The combination of an ace & arb is associated with increased side effects such as high potassium levels and decreased kidney function and low blood pressure. Not a good combination. Read more...

What does tarka (trandolapril and verapamil) do?

Tarka (trandolapril and verapamil) A medication that combines a calcium channel blocker with an angiotension converting enzyme (ace) inhibitor to lower high blood pressure. Read more...