Pressure feeling in chest an burning sensation in shoulder an the feeling like something's caught in my throat an burping 2ekg norm acid reflux?

Acid reflux. The symptoms you are experiencing sound like they could be related to gastroesophageal reflux disease. Given your age this could be your main issue. You could try to take an over the counter antacid to see if this alleviates your symptoms. If it does not I would recommend that you see a doctor.

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I have a burning sensation just below my shoulder blade on one side, I don't have burning in my throat so d punt think its acid reflux help.

Need more info. Which side do you feel the burning? What makes it better? Anything make it worse? Are there any skin changes associated with the area of burning (i.E, vesicles). It's difficult to help without more information. Read more...

I am having acid reflux to my throat, sometime into my mouth with burning sensation along my throat. What can I use to treat it?

Acid reflux. Avoid smoking ,alcohol caffeine energy drinks, spicy foods. Avoid eating 2 hours before bedtime. elevate head of bed 30 with pillow under mattress . Try ranitidine / previcid for a month. Also get tested for H pylori a bacteria that complicates gastritis and get treated if positive Read more...