Does chronic strong sympathetic nervous system overreaction from stimulant use result in meaningfully reduced cerebral blood flow?

See below. BOLD studies show reduced circulation and metabolic function in very specific areas of the prefrontal cortex and limbic system. It is unclear if the circulation reduction is primary vs a primary reduction of activity in those areas.

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Would chronically high catecholamines inducing vasoconstriction result in reduced Cerebral Blood Flow and Hypoxia? Why or why not?

No. Hi. What do you mean by chronically high catecholamines? Do you have a pheochromocytoma or paraganglioma? Congestive heart failure? Please define what you call "chronically high catecholamines" (CHC). In no event would CHC cause hypoxia or reduced cerebral blood flow. Please provide meaningful information. Good luck and happy 2015! Read more...