My symptoms include low appetite, fatigue, extreme exhaustion, yellow skin dizzy, face rash. What could this be?

See your MD. This could be a variety of things, including an infection, hormonal imbalance, immune disorder, etc., but if your skin is truly yellow, you may have hepatitis. The whites of your eyes would also look yellow. In any case, see your MD to get checked out, including blood tests. Do this as soon as possible, since some cases of hepatitis are contagious.
Could be hepatitis. You describe some good signs & symptoms of acute hepatitis. See a doctor & have your liver enzymes checked.

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Scared.5day trouble breathing, fatigue, dizziness, worsening, comes/goes. Urgentcare said vitals normal so okay not panic attack. Bad rash on face, Serious?

Enterovirus. This could be a viral illness which will resolve on it's own. If you are having breathing difficulty, you may need to be seen in the ER or be admitted for respiratory support. There is an epidemic of an enterovirus right now that is sending many children to the hospital for respiratory treatments and fluids, supportive care. Please go to the ER if you are having trouble breathing or are weak. Read more...