Been fighting a cold with fevers of 101-102. Chest congestion lots of coughing and bringing up yellow phlegm. Today theres a rumble is this pneumonia?

Could be . It certainly sounds suspiciously like pneumonia. The best way to find out is see your doctor and have a chest X-ray. And don't delay. Untreated this could be dangerous. See your doctor soon.

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I am experiencing cough (quality: blood in phlegm, with phelgm or mucus) and arm pain. The following also describes me: Chest congestion. Green and yellow phlegm with blood. Was prescribed zpak. But afraid to take. Is there a substitute?

Take as prescribed. This sounds like a potentially serious infection, maybe even pneumonia. "Afraid to take" azithromycin (Zpak) is not rational; it is a very safe antibiotic with few side effects. Not treating your infection is MUCH riskier than any potential problem from the antibiotic. Take it as prescribed; if you remain concerned, discuss with the doctor who prescribed it. Read more...