Can toothe infection cause myocarditis?

Of course. oral microorganisms from the infected site may reach the heart, lungs, peripheral blood capillary system and other organs.
Yes a possibility! There is always a possibility that a dental infection can move into your blood stream and create an endocarditis. So don't delay treatment and get the care your need. And make it definitive care, not just medicine, actual treatment to your tooth. Good luck!

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How do I no if I have myocarditis had toothe infection for two weeks been on antibiotics but high temp shaky achy high aniexty x?

Consult. With the symptoms you describe it sounds like you have an infection, but there is no way to know what or where. If you are under the care of a doctor s/he will work with you to control these symptoms. If not, consult with one. Persevere. Read more...