The last 3 nights I wake up with bad cough and sore throat I have no fever and some cough during the day worse at night?

Viral URI. Most likely you have a viral upper respiratory infection. These tend to last 7-10 days before your immune system has cleared it. If you have sinus pressure or pain in your forehead or around your face you may have a sinus infection also. Saltwater gargles and zinc lozenges may help your throat. If symptoms worsen or last longer than 10 days see your Dr.
A few possibilities. Despite no fever there is a possibility that this is an upper respiratory tract infection. Cough variant asthma is also possible. Since this seems to occur more at night it is possible that this is related to gastroesophageal reflux which happen more when laying flat and can cause a cough. Diet change or acid blocking med may help. Either way you should be evaluated by a physician.

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I have sore throat no fever been coughing for about 2 weeks/cough gets worse at night. During the day icough up yellow phlegm at night its clear no ins?

Possibilities... Possible causes of your symptoms include post-nasal drip leading to sore throat and bronchospasm leading to cough. This may be due to a viral infection, including viral bronchitis. Since this is likely a viral infection, antibiotics would be ineffective. If there is no improvement over the next week, or if symptoms worsen, see your doctor. If you smoke, you need to quit asap! Read more...

My daughter keeps coughing since last mon. Now she can't sleep due to her sore throat and cough. No fever. Don't know what to do I tried everything.

Sore throat + cough. Most commonly, Sore throat and cough could be signs of either - 1. Infection - viral or bacterial 2. Allergy 3. Acid reflux. Patient with above symptoms should see a medical professional for evaluation and treatment of the above. . Read more...