Eye doctor told me I have conjunctivitis in back of my eyes that causing my eye flothers is that possible?

Ask eye doc again. This does not sound right. Conjunctivitis is the inflammation or infection of the covering of the eye in the front. So what you said the eye doctor told you does not make sense to me. Please ask him/her for an explanation of your symptoms again. Then let us know.

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Hello. I was told I've conjunctivitis about a week ago. An eye doctor gave me eyedrops which cleared the redness straight away but the irritation was?

Viral conjunctivitis. It appears to be a viral conjunctivitis, cold in the eye. Usually, 3 days or so of gentak eye drops clears discharge and redness. Irritation should subside after 10 days completely. If not, see an eye MD for further evaluation. Read more...