Retin A (tretinoin) or benzoyle peroxide what's better?

Retin A/benzyl. both of these medications work in a different way to reduce the inflammation caused by acne. As a first step of treatment, doctors always start with benzyl peroxide to help remove the clogging of sweat glands. Sometimes, we add antibiotics lotion to it to help treat the infection. if it doesn't work, we do Retin A (tretinoin)

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I've been on benzoyle peroxide everyday I'm now going on a retin a (tretinoin) will I still get side effects?

Retin A (tretinoin) SIDE EFFECT. yes dryness irritation and sometimes flare ups. this symptoms are short lived though . Recommendation: use pea size dose and spread and the gel. if still a lot of irritation use every other night. Read more...