Can I eat hot dogs while I'm pregnant?

More wiener news. For public health topics, .Gov sites offer credible information. Usda even sends out safety alerts for specific products. For more on the hot dog debate, check out http://www.Fsis.Usda.Gov/factsheets/hot_dogs/index.Asp and to all pregnant women and moms of wee ones, please follow strict food handling procedures and watch those who prepare your food. If in doubt, don't eat out!
I don't recommend it. Even putting concerns of low nutritient value and toxins aside, i'd advise that pregnant women avoid spicy or fatty foods in general. The esophagus connecting mouth and stomach relaxes due to hormonal and other changes in pregnancy. The result--acidic reflux, enough to deter many from trying hotdogs again. But if that's the only food around they can eat the BUN and return to healthier foods asap.
Not too many, though. Hot dogs are laden with fat and salt and not the best choice on a regular basis. As an occasional treat at a picnic or ballgame, they are fine. Hot dogs should be thoroughly heated before eating. A bacteria called listeria has been known to contaminate hot dogs and can cause food poisoning that is particularly dangerous for the elderly, infants, and pregnant women.
Yes, but not often. Hot dogs like many fat and salt laden foods are ok in moderation. However if i were to recommend a hot dog during pregnancy, i would eat only kosher hot dogs as they are made with leaner, better cuts of meat with no fillers or preservatives etc.
Depends. The CDC has listed hotdogs as one of the foods linked to listeria. If your hotdogs are very well cooked (boiled) then you should be ok. Frankly any food if spoiled or handled by people with contaminated hands can make you sick so I am not sure why the CDC decided to single out a few foods.