Can I drink wine coolers if took a yeast infection pill I took it the day before?

Depending the dose. Most likely you are taking an anti fungal therapy for your yeast infection. I am not sure about the dose, but it is recommended to avoid alcohol is you are taking medications that use the liver to be metabolized. You don't want your liver to be overwork. If this was one single dose, it may be ok to have a little bit of alcohol, but if you can avoid it, then don't drink.

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What is the most effective way to drink fluconzole 150 mg to treat yeast infection. 1 pill 150 mg every other day, or every three days?

Every day. There is a common treatment for mild or uncomplicated vaginal candidiasis ('yeast infection) that calls for a single (one time) dose of 150 mg of flucanazole. I recommend you follow your doc's rx. If given multiple doses - more benefit if taken every day, but should not take for more than 3 to 5 days. I commonly give 100 mg per day for thrree days in a row and find it effective. Read more...