Have small hiatal hernia and burning mouth syndrome. Take 40mg protonix (pantoprazole) daily. Is it possible to reduce dosage and should I?

Depends on why you . take protonoix. It is not a standard treatment for BMS. Acid reflux problem can be due to hiatal hernia however dose of medicine depends on severity and duration of acid reflux symptoms , please discuss it with the doc who knows your history and can give you more informed advice. .

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Had endo, diagnosed with hiatal hernia and gerd. Taking 80mg protonix and 150 Zantac. Helped for 2 mths but last 5 days bad burning in stomach. Why?

Not sure, but ... I do not know what sort of a workup you got. You could have Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome, pancreatitis, esophagitis, stomach ulcer, stomach cancer, etc.. If you want, make a virtual consult and we can go over in greater detail. You are just taking meds to decrease acid, and that is clearly not enough in this instance. Read more...