60 yrs Asymptomatic Microscopic hematuria urine 2.5 yrs. No protein BP low. Urologist did cystoscopy. Neg. Said common. Do I need to do more? RBC 3.84

It can be benign. Some people are prone to have a few RBCs in their urine. As long as your Bladder and Kidney are checked out to be healthy and free from any tumor or growth, then you can ignore it. I would suggest that you get your kidneys checked out with a CT scan of the abdomen to be sure that there is no tumor there.

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Asymptomatic Microscopic hematuria in urine at least 2yrs. No protein Urologist did cystoscopy. Nothing. Said idiopathic. Causes? Please be specific.

Microscopic hematuria. It could be a benign condition, Ig A nephropathy or thin basement membrane disease. Make sure bp is normal and kidney function is stable. Other reasons could be other glomerulonephritides, but they usually give rise to protein in the urine. Some people have have kidney cysts or small kidney stones but they also give rise to frank blood in urine. Read more...