Had a chest CT scan for breathing issues which was normal. Would you be able to see an enlarged right heart on a CT scan? I can see the heart.

CT. Yes you can identify enlarged heart. An MD should be able to tell you if such is the case. If you have the report and this is not mentioned there then likely not. In addition quality of study also plays an important role in saying yes or no.

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Would you see an enlarged right heart on a chest CT scan without contrast and CT scan x ray?

Yes if greatly enlar. An enlarged heart can be seen on X-ray or CT scan especially if it is greatly enlarged. However, the cause for the enlargement is usually not apparent by those means. An echocardiogram (ultrasound) usually does a better job. sometimes more specialized tests are needed. However, if this is the 1st time that an enlarged heart was detected, it is best to get it confirmed & identify the cause. GL & TY. Read more...

What can a regular chest ct scan reveal about the heart if anything? Normal EKG/Echo/C-X-ray but I'm having ct scan in few days bc of ongoing chest pn

Dome help. It will show heart structure and function, but you are too young for it to show early coronary disease, which would be very unusual at ur age, unless u have a family hx of very premature cor disease. The tests u had pretty much evaluated everything. Since ur symptom is chest pain a regular stress test may be even more helpful than the chest CT, especially if it is a NON contrast CT. Good luck. Read more...