I have a sore throat with a dry cough and mucus but no cold what could this be?

Sore throat/ cough. May be post nasal drip, or from reflux. Consider elevating head of bed, avoid soda, caffeine, alcohol, smoking ( worsens reflux) spicy food which exacerbate reflux, May consider trial of ranitidine/prevecid for reflux and zyrtec for post nasal drip. F/U with doctor/urgent care.

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Sore throat and throat feels dry at night with a dry cough I've had sore throat over 3 weeks cough only just come tho no mucus really?

Prolonged cough. If your not a smoker and are not snotty or sick then you may have Mycoplasma or "walking pneumonia". This is treatable with antibiotics and you get well. There is no test for it and X-rays often are negative. A trial of taking a z-pac antibiotic is the only way to know. If it does not work then consider asthma or GERD as a cause. See tote doctor and get his/her recommendations. . Read more...