Is it safe to drink while on naprelan (naproxen)?

Immediately. There is no absolute contraindication to drinking alcohol and taking Naprelan (naproxen). That said, be aware that both can cause gastric irritation in susceptible people so the risks are additive. If you don't have stomach problems or are using either/both in moderation, then it wouldn't generally be a problem.

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How long after I've taken the naprelan (naproxen) is it safe to drink beer or wine?

Risk of Bleeding. Naprelan (naproxen) is a non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug (NSAID) and is used to treat mild to moderate pain, fevers, and inflammation. One should avoid alcohol completely when using this medication. Taking them together can lead to bleeding in the stomach and intestines. Deaths have been reported when using both together. If you can't stop alcohol you may have drinking problem! Read more...

Could I drink if I'm on naprelan (naproxen)?

Naprelan (naproxen) Yes a social drink 1-2 per week is not an issue. Excessive drinking is always an issue irrespective of what medication you are on. Read more...