How is ovarian cancer found? Do many teens have it? I'm nervous because I have very abnormal cycles & abdominal bloating sometimes.

Ovarian cancer rates. The incidence of pediatric ovarian neoplasms is 2.6 per 100,000 girls. Approximately 2% of all ovarian cancers occur in female patients aged less than 25 years. Diagnosis is confirmed with blood tests and abdominal ultrasounds.

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I have problems with abdominal bloating. I eat healthy, exercise regularly, drink plenty. I've been tested for intolerances & ovarian cancer. Help?!

Glad to see. That your doc is helping you along. A test for food sensitivities that tests for about 99 different things may be helpful. Great plains lab has one; i'm not connected w/them for sales, etc. Standard lab tests often give a yes or no to wheat, dairy, etc. This will tell you levels of sensitivity which is very useful. Also, pancreatic enzymes may be low. Peace and good health. Read more...

I'm 26, upset stomach, can't eat, abdominal swelling, bloating, always feel full, irregular cycle, can this be ovarian cancer, not on bcp, never had sex?

Cancer unlikely . Typically ovarian cancer has no symptoms until they are very advanced. Your symptoms are nonspecific, an don't point towards a single diagnosis. Ask your doctor if you could have irritable bowel syndrome, or if a referral to a gastroenterologist is appropriate. They can also do a proper evaluation. Hope this helps! Read more...