I have 3 dark purple spots that look like blood blisters on my lingual tonsils, should I worry this is cancer? Have had a sore throat for 3 weeks.

No. The tonsils are subject to a great deal of inflammation under certaincirdcumstances. Where there are the occassional cases of malignancy developing it is either from squamous malignancy or lymphoma. Neither present as hemmorhagic areas. The latter can occur when there is some bleeding into the tonsil because of proximity to the underlying intermal caroltid artery. Warm gargles should help.

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I have tonsillar hypertrophy. For the past 24hr I've had an sore throat, no appetite & a what looks to be a blood blister on my tonsil. What is this??

Tonsil lesion. It could be a small blood blister, could be a dilated blood vessel on the tonsil, called a varicocele, which is a normal variant. Sometimes you notice things that have been there because your attention is drawn there, in your case due to sore throat. Doesn't sound concerning to me, but you should see an ENT doctor to check it out. Read more...