What should you do if you think you have Plantar fasciitis. I have very severe pain in my foot?

Be seen. If you have "very severe pain" in your foot, I would probably be seen first just to confirm the diagnosis and rule out other potential causes of severe foot pain.
Ice. it, wear orthotic devices, perform achilles tendon stretches, wear a night splint..
Keep heels elevated. Plantar fasciitis is caused by strain on the attachment to the heel bone(calcaneus). Going barefoot, even only @ night, or wearing any flat shoes, ie., flip flops, sandals, bedroom shoes, etc., can keep enough strain on the plantar fascia to make it hurt. Rest the plantar fascia by wearing a small heeled shoe with all weight bearing.
Start with basics. Before you start treating your foot for plantar fasciitis, you must determine first, that you indeed have fasciitis. To a competent physician and even informed patients, this is relatively easy. Typically you will experience pain on the bottom of your heel when you get out of bed after sleeping. If this is not the case, the chances are that you do not have fasciitis. Remove doubt, see your doctor.

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What exactly is the worst thing that can happen to my foot from plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasaciitis . You could get a tear in the fascia and or develope chronic pain in the arch that prevents you from walking without pain. Its easy to treat in most cases . I would see a podiatrist. Read more...
Pain, rupture. Usually it's just a lasting, chronic pain if left untreated, but very rarely the plantar fascia can actually rupture, which causes major problems in your arch, as you might imagine. Read more...

Just felt a pop in the bot to of my foot by the heal while jumping foe a spike in volleyball. Same foot that I just had plantar fasciitis in.

Get examined. Your history suggests either a tear of your plantar fascia or Achilles' tendon .An examination by an orthopedic surgeon would easily differentiate the two. Other injuries ( 5 th metatarsal fractures, for instance). Best of luck! Read more...