What should I know about the erectile prescription called muse (alprostadil)?

It works! Muse stands for "medicated urethral system for erections" or something like that. It's a form of Alprostadil that's placed in the urethra in order to gain benefit (an erection) rather than injected as in caverject (alprostadil). Check out www.Muserx.Com, http://www.Drugs.Com/cdi/muse-suppository.Html, and http://www.Webmd.Com/erectile-dysfunction/muse-for-erection-problems for more info re muse.

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Has anyone heard of erectile prescription called muse (alprostadil)?

Yes. It is an alternative treatment to the oral drugs. It is placed inside your pee hole when you want sex. Go to http://www.Muserx.Com/hcc/about-muse/how-to-use-muse.Aspx for instructions on use. Talk to your doc about all your options (and side effects of each). Read more...