I'm pregnant, and I think I have hives. Is it okay for my baby?

Yes. During pregnancy, there is a great deal of immune regulation that is changing due to multiple factors which are poorly understood. Some of these changes include triggering or increasing symptoms of asthma, rhinitis and urticaria (hives). Your hives are not harmful to the fetus but if they are causing you discomfort, i would suggest starting with Cetirizine 10mg daily.
Yes. Hives can indicate an allergic reaction. You may need to see your health-care provider in order to determine the cause of the hives. In the meantime, it is safe to use Benadryl (diphenhydramine) to alleviate some of the symptoms of hives.
Yes. Hives are usually the result of an allergic reaction to something. Trying to avoid the allergen and taking an anti-histamine like Diphenhydramine usually helps the hives to clear up. The hives are usually much more bothersome to you than the baby.
Yes. Allergic responses are not uncommon in pregnancy. If they are mild and limited, there is no evidence suggesting harm to the fetus. However, because there are some rashes that occur in pregnant women that are associated with problems, women should get a diagnosis from an experienced physician then consult their obstetrician or perinatologist. See my related tip https://www.Healthtap.Com/tips/5285.
Yes. Fortunately, the immune system problem doesn't transfer to the baby. Hives are a skin problem found when your immune system attacks something you ate or took as abnormal. The proteins that make hives won't cross the placenta to affect your baby. However there are a number of skin problems that can look like hives. Anytime you have a new rash you should see your doctor.
Yes. Hives is a temporary rash due to skin cells releasing histamine. Sometimes it's an allergy and other times it happens spontaneously for no obvious reason. It may be unpleasant for you but has no effect on your baby. You can take anti-histamines when your pregnant for relief.
Yes. Hives are normally either an allergic reaction or a reaction to stress. Unless a stronger allergic reaction develops, it is very unlikely to affect your baby at all. Figuring out the cause of the hives may be important so that nothing worse happens from it. Hydrocortisone cream and Benadryl (diphenhydramine) can help the itching and may also reduce the allergic respone that start the hives.
Yes. Hives is due to a release of histamine, a very common allergic response. This issue is benign in pregnancy, as well as the treatment -- Benadryl (diphenhydramine) or Claritin (both are safe in pregnancy).
Yes. It depends on what is causing the hives. Are you allergic to a recent medication you took or food you ingested? If Benadryl (diphenhydramine) is not helping, see your doctor.
Yes. Hives are a skin condition usually caused by an allergic reaction to food or medication. It is important to determine the cause so you can avoid exposure in the future. More severe allergic reactions can lead to breathing problems which is dangerous for the mom. The hives themselves will not cause problems for the baby.