I am working to eliminate my emotion-driven eating and to increase my activity level. Suggestions?

Toss tempting foods! Many women reach for food in times of stress, boredom, many other emotional states. A good starting point for weight control is to record what you eat and why. Use an app if convenient; but a pencil and paper are ok too. Another suggestion is to put time between the emotional event and eating. Take a brief period for meditation or deep breathing. Get help to identify/eliminate triggers to binge.
Yes. Keep a food diary. I like www.Tweetwhatyoueat.Com. Most successful weight management programs encourage a food diary. For activity level, start with something simple and doable. Commit to going for a 20 min walk 5 times a week. Often we set unrealistic expectations for exercise that we can not live up to. Start small and be successful.
Yes. We all have some emotional ties to food as we no longer have to hunt and gather just to survive; you are not alone! how you feel affects what you eat and what you eat affects how you feel. Here are some simple steps i call the path of the 3 "be's" be aware and avoid the call of the junk/fast food siren be fresh-avoid buying processed items be on time and in proportion- watch the portion size.
Yes. For a lot of people, food is a source of comfort when we are sad or stressed. This can lead to unwanted weight gain which can increase feelings of sadness thus creating a vicious cycle. The good news is; regular exercise can increase feelings of well being by increasing endorphin levels. So trying to exercise when sad or stressed can help improve your mood and burn off unwanted calories.
Analyze. Follow dr yoder's tip to record what you eat and why, but make sure your are analyzing and not self-criticizing. You are taking a great first step in substituting healthy coping for unhealthy coping, but some people may continue to be a struggle unless they find and address the underlying emotional issue. The stress of an underlying issue can make the process more difficult. Find and fix that.
Yes. Do not purchase any junk food at all. Fill your refrigerator with wholesome, unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Do not buy any processed food, do not buy any food that is microwaveable. Take a walk day if you can.
Yes. There is a part of your brain that wakes up before you do, it wants to do what it did yesterday, like an air conditioner setting. There is another part of your brain that makes decisions all day long. Make a plan, become uncomfortable, work your plan, all day long. Dont eat/exercise based on emotion .After 3 months, losing 1-2 lb/wk, you will feel better. My website www.Familyhealth.Pro has more.
Yes. Before ingesting any food drink a glass of refreshing water.
Yes. http://www.becomeanex.org/ helps people quit smoking by helping them identify "triggers" and work out a plan for dealing with the triggers without smoking. Guess what? There are triggers for overeating, too, and you've already identified one biggie - emotional stress. You might find helpful tips for dealing with your triggers there.