I have hypokpp. Is it K related to be unable to increase heart rate during exercise? Is usually accompanied by weakness, no pump, no perspiration

Yes. If by hypokpp you mean hypokakemic periodic paralysis then yes. The muscle cells lose potassium (k) and cannot contract causing weakness. Hard to increase heart rate. Triggers can be diet related esp by sweet or starchy foods. Too much activity as well as even sleep can be triggers as can some meds. Be sure to have close follow up with your doctor. Hkpp.org/patients/hypokpp-FAQ for info. .

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For three months I have been waking up with rapid heart rate, dizziness and weakness. Also it has occured during the day. Tests show not heart related?

Anxiety. If test have shown that your rapid heart rate is not due to an electrical problem then it is very likely that you have anxiety. There are some other rare disease out there that can produce tachycardia by hormone release, but you should have other signs. Read more...