What other medications can control chronic diarriea besides motofen lomoto and imodium (loperamide)?

Diarrhea. Diet plays a big part - cut down caffeine and lactose and fats; apple pectin is a very safe over the counter option which will bind up the extra fluid - you can start with two twice daily and go up as needed; also bannanas white rice and toast will help as well chronic diarrhea needs a medical evaluation though so dont ignore it too long - it takes too much toilet paper!

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Please tell me if there are any other medications to control chronic diarrhea other than motofen lomoto and imodium (loperamide)?

Unlikely. People have diarrhea for a reason, What is the cause. Is it stress , dietary indiscretion, or some type of illness such as inflammatory bowel disease. Also need to think about irritable bowel syndrome diarrhea predominant. See a gastroenterologist. Read more...