Will a mini tummy tuck remove stretch marks?

Yes but limited. Stretch marks located on the lower half of your bebelow rom 4 inches below the umbilicus to the pubic hair line will be removed.
Yes, but only some! Mini-anything gives mini results. Everyone wants a short(er) scar but also want maximum stretch mark removal. These are incompatible goals, like wanting to get all the way to a location but only using half the gas! most patients who want a mini really need a regular tummy tuck, and appreciate the honesty of an accurate experienced consultation. A bad mini may not be converted to a good tummy tuck!
Consult your surgeon. I would consult your plastic surgeon regarding the specifics of the surgery and be sure to ask all your questions. Wishing you the best.
Mini means "LIte" Mini tummy tuck surgery is often limited in its results. I do far fewer of them than i did in years gone by for this reason. Patients are frequently not impressed with the results of a mini, certainly not like they are with those of the larger full tummy tuck.
Yes but not many. A mini tummy tuck does remove the stretch marks from roughly your hair line to about half way up to the belly button. Most women who want a mini, really need a full tummy tuck. Most candidates for a mini are looking for a flatter lower abdomen after a c-section. Talk with a plastic surgeon who can go through with you the advantages of a mini vs. A full. Good luck.