I have lice and only found 6 bugs... will I find any more bugs or eggs? I haven't found many bugs yet and have only been exposed for 3 days.

Lice. If you have seen one on you then you have more. Get seen and treated. Probably need to treat the whole family. After you have the medicine then wash bed coverings with hot water and bed clothes.
Lice. Sorry you have to deal with this problem. It is a possibility you will find more eggs and bugs, even after using OTC treatments like RID or NIX (permethrin). If any nits or eggs are missed, more lice with hatch. Sometimes repeat treatment is needed after 9-10 days. Check all living in the house. Wash linens, clothes, hats. Vacuum up hair. http://www.cdc.gov/parasites/lice/head/treatment.html.
I can promise that. If you've found adult bugs, you've got nits (eggs). They are cemented close to scalp w/in 1-3cm from base of hair shaft, most commonly but not exclusively at nape of neck. They are whitish & hard to see on blondish hair. Must presume house & car infestation & wash all pillows, linens, clothing, coats in hot water + bleach & dry in machine at highest temp. Treat hair w/gel & nit comb. Spray, vacuum.