Does second hand smoke affect copd?

Yes. Another short answer to your question is that most authorities believe that it does. There is controversy.
Yes. Absolutely. The lungs do not distinguish between smoke directly from the cigarette and the smoke which was more recently in someone else's lungs. Both contain the same toxins and can therefore produce the same damage. There is evidence that even "third-hand" smoking which is smoke coming off hair, clothing, skin, etc. Contains enough toxins to further lung damage.
Yes. You can view thevdetails here.
Yes. Absolutely. I can think of many patients who were second hand smoke copd'ers--they themselves never smoked a cigarette in their life, but they were exposed to their 1-2 pack per day smoking spouse, and developed mild to moderate COPD as a result.
Absolutely. Any type of cigarette smoke affects the lungs, including second hand smoke. It is not as bad as directly smoking, but still. It is better to stay away completely.
Yes. Although scientific validation may be lacking, most clinicians will agree that it does.
Yes. Smoke from cigarettes - including second-hand - can cause worsening of respiratory conditions such as asthma and/or copd. Smoke is considered an irritant and can invoke an inflammatory or respiratory spasm response. An individual with COPD should take appropriate medications and avoid airborne irritants.
Yes. Absolutely. Any smoke will do damage to your airways, so if you have copd, you must avoid any tobacco smoke.
Yes. Any airborne toxin is detrimental to lung function, including smoke (from any source).
No. While it is possible that the carcinogens in tobacco smoke can lead to cancer after long term second hand exposure, the amount of damage that must be done to the lungs is near impossible through even long term, high level second hand smoke exposure.
Yes. COPD risk is increased two fold in those exposed to second hand smoke. Furthermore, in people with copd, second hand smoke can lead to attacks of such.

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