What is the best way to relieve sinus pressure in head. Have a cold and when I blow my nose I feel pressure in back of head and all over?

Sinus rinsing. Nasal rinsing/neti-pot saline rinse is a very effective FIRST line remedy for acute sinus issues (I usually recommend chitorhino (chitorhino.com). You may want to consider a short course of nasal decongestants like Afrin or neosynephrine - but use these for no more than 3 days. A "cold" that lasts more than 7-10 days is a sinus infection by definition - antibiotics are needed at that point.

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I've had a sinus cold for 6 days now. Thick yellow mucus when I cough or blow my nose. Horrible sinus pressure headaches. Do I need an antibiotic?

Probability says NO. Unless you've got fevers and other symptoms of a bacterial infection (such as a positive STREP), or bronchial expectorations which have been cultured positive for pathogens then, your yellow mucus is as informatively distinguishing between bacterial or viral infection as the smile of a politician is helpful to me to tell between sincerity at wanting to help me on an issue vs. having TERRIBLE GAS! Read more...