Will smoking marijuana while using nexplanon cause the same risks as smoking cigarettes? (Risk of blood clots)

NO, however... Smoking cigarettes increases risk of blood clots as does taking Nexplanon & those who use Nexplanon while smoking have unacceptable risks of blood clots. Smoking marijuana is not known to have the same increased risk of blood clots as smoking tobacco, though there is preliminary evidence that regular marijuana use may somewhat increase risk of blood clots, so to be safe I would avoid regular use.

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Would smoking marijuana while taking birth control pills drastically increase risk for blood clots? I know cigarette smoking is not recommended.

Nobody knows. This isn't the place to discuss the cannabis laws or to compare the risks to those of alcohol. The world medical community mostly considers our harsh cannabis laws to be ill-advised. Nobody's documented that blood clots are a risk for cannabis smokers, and we'd probably know by now if it was. Still -- why use a "recreational substance" that makes people goofy? It's your choice. Read more...